One of our chapter's main goals is to focus on education. We pursue every
opportunity to work with local groups to further the safety and knowledge of

Over the years we have presented Flying Companion Seminars to benefit
passengers who want to learn more about what's going on in the general aviation
cockpit, perhaps alleviate some fears and also to provide an introduction to
general aviation for would-be pilots.

We work with local scouting groups and educators to present aviation to the
non-flying community including several presentations to young women through the
Expanding Your Horizons program.

We enjoy occasionally hosting 'Fly-a-Controller' events. We invite air traffic
controllers from airport towers and Santa Barbara Tracon to join us for a mid-day
BBQ followed by rides in our airplanes around local airspace. Pilots and
controllers benefit from meeting each other and sharing information.

Our members are available to speak to local groups about our experiences in
Santa Maria Valley Chapter 99s
Local students learn about airports,
navigating & communicating