The Santa Maria Valley Chapter was chartered in May, 1988. Our chapter
membership still includes several charter members.

Over the years our meetings have been held in homes, restaurants, hangars and
the Museum of Flight at the Santa Maria Airport.

Our members have included flight instructors, commercial pilots, military pilots and
‘for the fun of it' pilots. Almost all our members have participated in air races and
flying competitions.

Many in our group have flown our planes to Oshkosh for the annual EAA
conventions. In search of adventure, several of our members have flown from coast
to coast, into Canada, Alaska and Mexico.

For more information about the history of the international organization, please
visit the history section of our international website.
Santa Maria Valley Chapter 99s
We 'ham it up' in
Ashland, Oregon at the 2006 Fall Section
Meeting while inviting other chapters to our
2007 Spring Section Meeting
in Santa Maria